Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sitting with God...without noise/ without activity....hmmmmm

back in 8/2011 I read this meditation...I did not change. this year I started a study and woke at 5 am. I was doing very well meeting with God early. it really sets the tone for the day. Then the adoption process started rolling and with 2 room makeovers, a move in and a move out BAM. God time was erased....after an "unglued" moment yesterday....God time will now be reinstated...after all...he is my strength!
Here I sit with God (in the middle of the city park) doing my Bible Study. Funny..my daughter caught me in my quiet time! :)

with Cora in the house sometimes this never happens. must add it back in to schedule. (very prophetic Tracy) haha~!

Meditation for the Day
Refilling with the spirit is something you need every day.
For this refilling with the spirit, you need these times of
quiet communion, away, alone, without noise, without
activity. You need this dwelling apart, this shutting
yourself away in the very secret place of your being, away
alone with your Maker. From these times of communion you
come forth with new power. This refilling is the best
preparation for effective work. When you are spiritually
filled, there is no work too hard for you.

just hangin out

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