Saturday, May 2, 2015

Calling OUT ...All God's Children

Back in February I was weary and broken hearted after my second miscarriage and the impending disruption of our domestic adoption. I asked my friends to give me their go to verse when on the down and is one such verse from my dear friend Geri.

Lord, I thank you for Geri and for the verse she gave to me. Psalm 148:15

The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth.

The Lord is near, to who? good and perfect Christians?
NO to all who call on Him.
Simply speaking HIS name- He is there.

Crying out in Pain- HE is there.

Silent gasping sobs- HE is there.

Joyful laughter- He is there.

A whisper for Help- He is THERE.

To all who call on him in truth!

All, Everyone. you, me the guy on the bus, your boss, the homeless guy at the intersection, the lady that you cut off today in traffic, the mean girl at school, the child surviving abuse, me at the bottom of a bottle, my friend with her crack pipe in her shaking hand, my Dad with a gun to his head, the jogger on the side of the road.

All CAN call on the Lord.


All of us are GOD'S children.

And ALL of us need to start treating everyone else like they are GOD's Children.


Not just on Sunday.