Saturday, June 30, 2012

Refrigerators and Starfish- Day 26 of FOOD

So we are very near to finishing up our 30 Days of 7 foods in this house! If you are just joining us see my original post on why we are doing this!

I look at food as a privilege now. Not a gimme...we are so blessed to walk in a farmer's market or grocery store and just fill a cart with so many choices!

So just as I was planning what we would EAT for the 4th of JULY! no more chicken! hurray...I came across this picture from a friend.
This is what my friend Tammy Jenkins said when she took the picture:
" this is what I see here everyday, i usually don't take pictures but i think I am going to start showing you guys what I see everyday here in Bangula. She was on her knees
looking for something on the ground. when I went to her, she cried out
"momma". momma is an English word that they do not know, i wish i could down load the video. i put some money in her hand. enough to feed her for a week. it is only because you guys out there have given to us here that allowed me to do that. my facebook friends just feed this poor widow for a week with a $10.00 donation. we all are making a difference in these poor peoples lives here. i love you guys. i never did know what she was looking for. "
I will give you Tammy's back story in a moment.
I want you to take a hot second and stick with me here: meet Tammy's Starfish!
and here is another one of the Starfish---can you see the lOVE?

These 20 - TWENTY- boys that she cares for daily have made my 30 day fast possible. Each time I looked down to complain about eating yet another EGG, or a darned piece of Chicken I thought of these boys. Boys with simple needs. They need LOVE, FOOD, and most recently a refrigerator!!!!! According to Chiefy Hanock in Malawi that fridge would cost 800.00 US dollars. I will quote him right here: (yes I speak to a Chief in Malawi on you LOVE facebook! )
"yes sister we need fridge and here it cost $800 which is MK 200,000 to buy a freezer, the importance is more to have this bc we can manage to keep a lot of things which needs cooler condition."

Here is one more plea from the Chief: "
now that the Heaven House Has the animals like goats, pigs and chicken so that it can help us to have meat in our menu list as well as money for food. at this time maize as a staple food is still exists but to get it is tough. the animals we have ...we can be able to get eggs, meat and milk, and these things need a cool place to be in older to preserve it, so with this reason The Heaven House ministries asks for the fridge anyone who can touched with what HHM doing could help us to find one fridge. i am really concerned at this point, because i dont want to feed the boys & girls expired things due to the hot weather which we do experience here 9month a year."
A fridge. ONE fridge. to feed 20 boys.
People please go to this link : Heaven House Ministries did you go? come on click on it , take one minute and look around. This is REAL life hands and feet of Christ. 
Any given day 20 or so people read this blog...if I bang out a good one I hit 60+ page views...I am a fledgling...some of you reading this are heavy hitters...I love that! I thank YOU for reading my blog. Will you help me get the word out?  This month was supposed to be all about me , not eating, WHAT I WANT! but guess what...God has flipped the script and I am gonna ask you a favor! 
Would you join me and  be the hands and feet of our Lord, the Great I AM.  Would YOU---yes little sweet pretty little YOU---donate 20 dollars...2    0     dollars......TWENTY smackers to help this grassroots ministry. This woman is literally Building Shelters as we speak! o and she needs a church sponser. (my church already has some over there...but I asked! ) AND! Prayer. Prayer for Tammy and her orphans and the entire country of Africa!
if just 40 of you donated 20.00 they would have the fridge. I donated 20 just now on Fundrazer.If you do not like donating online please message me so I can work something out. If you are local throw a 20 at me when you see me I will pile all donations together and make a donation using my CC. it's so easy! Go back up top and see the picture of that elderly angel. 10 dollars feeds her for a WHOLE week. TEN dollars...that's two latte's people! that's 3 gallons of gas. Can we do it?
YES. if you are on facebook here is a link to my EVENT that I am doing:
20 people a day- 20 dollars per person for 20 days....All in honor of Tammy's 20 little Starfish.

I personally am inviting 20 friends each day and praying that they in turn will invite 20! Can you all help this little Blogger that could start a revolution? Each day we can choose to spread mud on Facebook or thru email...or we can spread JOY! I CHOOSE JOY!

Did I mention the Boys love Baby Powder! :)
so if you can help...please do...if you don't have money can you share this blog? or forward this to a friend. Don't be stealin' blessings from people! Let them make their own choices!

God Bless ya'll for hanging on this last month! It's been a good one!

Some back story on Tammy:

About Tammy

After my baby brothers suicide in August 2007, I quit my job as a Registered Nurse, sold or gave away everything I owned and decided it was time to LIVE my dream. I first came to Malawi in 2009. I stayed at a orphanage in Bangula Malawi. It was a money bussiness for a married couple, one from US and one from Canada. Babies where dying in my arms because they were not feeding them right. I knew God sent me to cause change. I am a fighter when need be and I do not turn away from things which God has showed me. I have come back to Malawi in order to take the children out of this bad orphanage. I have 5 of them within the first month. I am afraid to take more until I know I have the funds to feed and put them in school. please help me, God knows I hate asking for money. I have a donationation site at facebook Heaven House Ministies. God, Thank you for those that will Help and put your favor on them.

Contact Info


  • PO Box 91
  • Chiromo, Malawi


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bible Slappin' Sunday -Day 24 of 7 Foods

Do you ever get Bible-slapped?

I do quite often and it's usually by complete surprise. God can be a Ninja of sorts when it comes to dealing with little old me.
Here's what happened:

Last week a struggle that I thought was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind me came up and hit me square know the kind. You have all these great plans and then whammo life happens.

Well this person is very near and dear to my heart and forgiveness has been an issue for oh...let's say my lifetime. 2 years ago I totally forgave this person. I worked really hard in a program called Living Waters offered by my church and we had nearly complete restoration in that relationship. (or so I thought)

Well then this person faultered a bit. This person is a human just like me. They made a mistake. They are lonely, they are sick, they are tired...they tripped and fell. But you know what. They got up and promised not to "fall" again. And what did I do? What did I say to this person that I had supposedly given forgiveness to and moved on?

I played chutes and ladders...yep. went right back to start. duh.
old habits die hard and the Lord just sat there shakin his head. I am sure He said "oh look at Tracy ...lettin' her Pride drag her around like a puppet."

So after giving this "forgiven" person the proper tongue to church I went. Isn't that what all good Christians do? can I get an AMEN.

and then the Bible Slappin' started. uh huh...Bible slappin is this: no real Bible's are involved. But when the scripture hits you so hard that you get whiplash...or the worship songs stir you so much you want to lay on the ground and sob...well that is Bible Slappin' in my book . Some may say the Holy Spirit is moving in you. I agree.

So there I was in Church not thinking one iota about THAT person and worship began. Bible Slappin began. TEARS began. And Jesus loving all over me began. My friend behind me reached out and rubbed my back...evoking more tears. Thank God for old Mcdonald's napkins tucked into the deep recesses of purses!

The tears eventually stopped but I was left holding a brown bag of all the things God Told ME.
  1. What are you doing FOR this person? (uh. nothing but calling once a week)
  2. you need to go visit this person. (snap. )
  3. you need prayer and to pray MORE for this person
  4. This person needs to live closer to you, so you can love on them better
O Lord. wow. I think there are still bruises...but I GOT IT. I WOULD NOT have heard the LORD loud and clear had it not been for fasting. This happend on Day 20. But I am now on Day 24 and guess what? That demand list is getting louder. Time to be quiet, be still and do what God says.

Did I mention that the person that I am speaking about is my Dad.

Yes. and when I read over this blog I see a calloused Christian typing. Looking in the mirror is hard.  I had healthy boundaries in place so my Earthly father could not injure me anymore with his alcholism. But fences move, markers move, boundaries move people. The Lord is growing me "big and strong" and the more I grow the safer it is to open gates. Or repair fences.

So pray for me friends. My mear (sp?) mention of this and being in agreement with Christ on this matter has rewarded my family greatly this week. We were chosen to meet with a child from the foster care system here in VA. WE GET TO MEET a child that we have been praying about for 3 months. We started this process in September 2011. What a great ride it's been.

Step out in your faith today. The results will be magnificent!

God Bless Ya'll,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spaghetti Dinner Beatdown- Day 21 of Food

I quit fasting for 2 glorious hours. And here is my reason.

In January of this year the Lord led me to open my home to my friends, church family and many others. He prompted me to offer a meal. No strings attached. So I could sit down and eat and foster old friendships and create new ones!

Since January we have a family come nearly every Saturday or Sunday evening and we eat the same meal. Spaghetti/meat sauce and a bombdiggity recipe for Garlic Parmesan Cheese bread that I found somewhere online. Some people bring a dessert. Some bring a salad. But most importantly they just come. We sit, we eat, we take time together! It's lovely.

Some of you may wonder what is the big deal...well for many years , nearly 15 of my 17 years of marriage I did NOT open my home to others. Sure I would go to friends houses for cookouts, birthdays, baby showers. But most of the time I just stayed home. I suffer  suffered from Social Anxiety Disorder. I always cancelled at the last minute. I have missed some very important days in many, many lives.

I was also an alcoholic. Being an alcoholic and taking anti-depression meds really don't combo well. I ain't no doctor...just trust me on this. So after years of being a shut in. I am a come on in! :) I really enjoy doing for others. Whether it be a tired Momma with a child or a family of 6. Cora, my daughter, will wake on Saturday Mornings and ask: Who's coming over tonight. She is beginning to enjoy these dinners and will never ever grow up to be like her Momma once was. I may add the the LORD and only the Lord wiped me clean of my alcoholism (3 1/2 years now)  and my anxiety. Praise God!

So...back to this fasting/quitting thingy. I looked at my calendar and boy howdy. we had a spaghetti dinner date. I looked at my husband and said: rule amendment. My friend Gina was coming to eat with her little man. So Saturday dinner went ON! See , we booked her a month ago. Before I jumped in the deep end with this book club/fasting/ 7 by Jen Hatmaker adventure!

Gina is a wonderful mother to a little boy just recently diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. oops. I got that wrong and was corrected my Gina: it's autism.  And if anyone deserves to be waited on hand and's this girl. She and I share something great. We both were pregnant with children at the same time and both have older children! so our age spread of 16 years between babies was pretty close! We share the same disappointments and craziness! I hope you have a girlfriend like that. It just makes life easier!

So with that said that is my reasoning. Just as Jen Hatmakers council let her have olive oil and salt and pepper, Bryan and I decided we would have Gina and next week we will have Tanyika and her party of 5! and we will take a moment and sit and rest and reflect on what IS important to the LORD!

Now. let me tell you what we did all day yesterday. we call this a triple decker peach outreach.

My husband and I were called again my the peach orchard angels and given a challenge that only God could truly deliver. Get rid of one 4-runner triple stacked and one Nissan triple stacked full of peaches. YES 2 truckload of peaches in 24 hours. girl...I started calling people at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and did not stop until 7pm at night! All peaches are accounted for and went to people in NEED. did I tell you that I am a food hustler! ? call me I can get your food into hungry peoples mouths in no time!

Here  is where these beautiful peaches went:
THEN my contact "Kathy" took the last bags of peaches and placed them on the alter at her church. She had her fellow church members bless them and then she challenged them! she said: " if you know someone who needs these, who could benefit from these peaches, please take them" at the end of service all the peaches were GONE. The challenge was accepted. Single non working moms will get peaches, shut in elderly will get peaches, lonely neighbors will get peaches. The forgotten adult children at the oceanfront will get get my drift. so many people need love. and these fuzzy little peaches gave it their all.
I have very few peaches left. But with a toddler and a nap time I was constricted on doing much more. so I ask you...what will you facilitate in the name of the Lord today? Bryan and I pulled off unloading 2 truckloads/triple stacked with peaches in less than 6 hours. seriously folks. I had some very awesome help with half of my truckload from ONE lady. so we had three people on our side. You must step out and be the hands and feet of Christ.

It's not really as simple as sending off a check. Create a revolution. Get the needs of that organization and rally your friends around MEETING all those needs. Many is better than one. Don't be cheatin' your friends out of the blessings of giving!

this quote hit my inbox today in the form of an "Our Daily Bread" email:
I thought of my reluctance to drive across town in the snow to visit a lonely widower; to walk across the street to help a neighbor; to answer a knock on the door from a needy friend when I’m busy; to go any time, any place, any distance for the sake of love. And I thought of our Lord, for whom no distance was too great. —David Roper

God Bless ya'll,

ps. if you want that recipe for the Garlic Parmesan Cheese Bread message me!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Peace in the back of a Box Truck. Day 17 of Food

I am still hangin in there with the 7 food items folks! DAY 17 of FOOD. Progress is being made. I eat less and what I eat tastes wonderful. Like a gift from God. I have been doing a LOT of freezer cooking and our freezer is stackin' up girls! :)
not my Tupperware never matches

It's been a bit of a frustrating week with Social Services/adoption stuff and trying to finally hatch a 21 year old Man cub who is fighting growing up tooth and nail. And it's hot here folks. I am talking 100% humidity and 90 . Yuck. That temp is good for one thing. Swimmin' and that's it. 
not MY pool. I have a plastic kiddy pool

But I have been on a bit of a hormonal roller coaster the last few days....see my last post's not pretty!

BUT....God granted me peace today in the back of a box truck. My wonderful "angel" from the farm called again to arrange for me to pickup some more peaches for the hungry. Well. honey . she rolled up that back door of that truck and BAM. Ice cold ...she said Box up what you need. and then she left me. With a COLD place to sit and peaches for DAYS! Peace...right a truck. You never know when God is gonna show up. While my daughter ran willy nilly around her chicken coop and in the garden I boxed up some peaches, I bagged up some peaches and I boxed up some more peaches. Then I ATE must go here and get some peaches (yes I am redirecting cuz I cheated on my fast) at  Mount Pleasant Farms. if you live near Chesapeake, VA you get your little tail together and come on out ya hear? If you are real nice she will let you pet her chicken named Miss Peaches! :)

Back to cheating. Yep. I cheated. But we ran outta apples this morning. What was I to do. Big , juicy and cold peach. I had to EAT it!
So as I sat in the back of that truck I got my hands dirty. All in the name of the Lord. I hand picked those peaches to hand out to the hungry, to the poor who are one paycheck away from having a really terrible day, to those who think no one cares. They are tired of peanut butter and jelly. They want something fresh and new. And you know what...I am tired of peanut butter and jelly Christians. I want Christians who get in the trenches and do something. See a need, fill it. See a hurt, heal it. See a homeless person, learn their name. SERVE the LORD. BE a PEACH. Be fresh and new!

Just Do feels so good and it makes the world a much better place. Did you complaining about food? Day 17's all good!

Good Morning Girls

God Bless ya'll,

Monday, June 18, 2012

The flip flop made me Cry. True story

Well, we did an entire week of 7 foods and are now entering the second week ....
  • I am sick of chicken
  • Avocado is no longer my friend
  • spinach no longer tastes like dirt it's yummy
  • I love olive oil
  • organic apples do taste better!
wow. what a spectacularly blessed life us Americans live with our 1000's of choices of food to eat EACH and every day.
I will not bore you with food writings...we have not had anything exciting happen. But I can tell you this. I truly value a large plate of spinach with a touch of olive oil , salt and pepper.

I am going up on my soap box again .....this whole fasting creates a clear mind thing may backfire on my readers! :) hang with me here peeps...

Yesterday in Church I had the privilege of listening to my dear pastor Debbie Klima speak on God's heart for the poor. Here is the video!  
she gave us some great points
  1. God Values the Poor
  2. God challenges us to help the poor.
Why should we help the poor?
  • Because God helped us when we were poor.
  • Because God commands us to help the poor.
  • Because God protects the poor.
  • Because caring for the poor leads to blessing &eternal rewards.
Yes girl. Teach it. Love it.
Many months back our church did one of the most spectacular "alter calls" I have ever seen. Our head Pastor asked us all to donate our shoes , the very shoes we were wearing, to give them to people in Mazatlan Mexico. To walk out of church bare footed on a cold drizzly day was a very convicting feeling. We both gave shoes that day...but Bryan had been wearing what he lovingly called his "dress flops" seriously folks. He missed them. Bryan is also a size 14. those are some big boats.

It felt good to see many bare feet and some left shaking their heads but a mighty thing happened.They collected many many shoes and they were shipped ahead for the missions crew to pass out in January.

Well honey let me tell you. during the teaching yesterday They showed the video of the Christian feeding facility that VCC raised money to build and then they showed a line. A lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng line of people. All shapes, ages, sizes. Waiting to get those shoes. our shoes. Our old used shoes. They showed smiling faces, sad faces, dirty little faces. Then there were a couple of shots of the shoes. and don't you know the first one that came up had Bryan's huge black flip flops front and center? LOVE it. I started crying . because right then. My husband turned to me and said: did you see em? there they are? my flops...did you see them? It was a great moment. I did not get to see my cute little Chinese laundry mint green mary janes...but I am sure they were on someones feet by the end of the day.

So this just reminded me that we should GIVE. Give OFTEN. Without restraint. I am very much hoping tomorrow to bring you the story of our daughter's birthday and how we celebrate it differently! But for now if you would like to help Vineyard help the poor and needy both globally and locally you can give here:

God bless ya'll,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peach Prophecy

Hello and good Saturday to you all! yes, I did miss a day. Friday was not so TGIF. But I made it through, My body aches with protest over only having 7 choices of food. One kind friend asked me, why do you torture yourself? It took a long drive home to come up with an answer and it came in the form of peaches.

Mount Pleasant Farms
I received a call from the kind friend above who shall remain nameless. She asked me if I was still feeding the hungry. Why YES I am! I am always hustling food and this super kind friend happens to have a Peach Orchard and she is a bit overrun with "too soft to sell" peaches and running her store and raising chickens and her large garden!

One chicken lookin in, one lookin out!

 Frankly I do love her life. :)  Sorry...I digress. Anyhoo...she called to see if I could take some "soft" peaches to feed to the homeless. I of course say yes. I always forget to ask how much..I just say YES! So off to the farm we go! What a lovely store they have! you must stop in if you live in Chesapeake....go see Mount Pleasant Farms here is their web page.

I do love generosity...I do believe I can find a hungry mouth for each of those peaches. Now you wanna talk about torturing myself..Driving home with those yummy peaches in the back seats and my darling daughter saying how she can't wait to get home and try a big juicy peach and oh, momma don't they smell great...:) that's torture.

But this morning it dawned on me( no pun intended since I rise at 5:45) How blessed am I . I get to go feed hungry people today. REAL hungry people. Not whimpering middle-age ME on a fast hungry people. I needed this reality check and just when I was about to call this whole 30 crazy days fast thing QUITS...God sent affirmation ...keep it going Tracy.

So this morning guess what? I CAN more blurry eyes first thing in the morning. I went to bet early last night! I am refreshed and excited about the day. I have 1/2 a 4-runner full of peaches and the other 1/2 is filled with 10 racks of BREAD for the pantry. I am a moving food mobile. I facilitate food. I see a need. I go fill it. This is what God has called us to do.

My friends know that on any given day they may open an email begging for : turkeys, new white tube socks, ramen noodles, peanut butter or money for orphans in Malawi. it's my gift. I beg for those with no voice. Some friends get tired and move on...but some...the really special ones remember that Tracy can find a home for 18 pecks of "soft" peaches. I love being known as "that" girl. It's a far stretch from "the" girl I used to be.

So today I thank the Lord for the grumble in my tummy and my clear eyes at 6 am! God is Good all the time! God is GREAT.

Here is my theme song for the day: Listen here!

God Bless ya'll,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 4...oh there's MORE? 26 days to GO!

Last night I watched this movie called : Food Inc. Good ol' Jen Hatmaker mentioned it in her book 7 and I sat down and soaked it all in. Well geez that just ruined food for me. I am mad. Confused. AND I will do more research. you should watch it. I am so chapped I can't think straight. stepping off my soapbox now.

I really got angry today. About the loss of an avocado. Those bad boys cost a lot! :) and one of ours molded. seems bulk shopping with these little stone fruits won't do. Bummer. I won't cry over one wasted avocado...but it did break my heart a teeny tiny bit.

I cheated. I drank a big tall glass of milk. 2%. it was like love in a glass. I miss milk. I am a milkaholic. The date on the jug is nearing..and with only baby girl and big man cub drinking milk we are two peeps shy of killing the 2 jugs left. I had to take one for the team. I will NOT waste food. Too many going hungry. I probably should have thought this challenge through a bit more and started in 2 weeks instead of last week...but woulda , coulda , shoulda. I am compulsive by nature. And here we are in substitution land.

I have also been using my husband for leftover duty! :) He works afternoons at the Railroad and I make him take the perishable Items that we must bust a move through! He took this job begrudgingly! He really is GOOD at sticking to this 7 thing!

Today I had to get out of this house and take my girl on adventures! We are working our way through all the parks in our city! There Are TEN! I knew of only 2! So...with that said today's park was a nice 15 minute drive away. It's called Elizabeth River Boat Landing Park. and it is just that. a park (small play place) with a Boat dock. BUT with my new found appreciation of being nowhere near tempting food we had a great time!

We watched a man get his boat on a trailer. She walked up and down the docks! We live surrounded by rivers and oceans and bays! What a delightful place Chesapeake is! There is also a pier (small) there that men were crabbin off of! That just excited Cora to no end. As a child I crabbed all over Hampton Roads with my father. Chicken leg on string. Crab Net and a bushel of fun! I really wanted to hang out more with the old men on the pier. I feel at home there...more on that later!

The play area was typical park was covered by 8-10 ENORMOUS shade trees. In this era of growth you seldom see a shaded park! all SUN makes for NO fun! The best part was we had the park to ourselves. No lines for the fighting over swings...just Cora busting her moves!
FREE fun is on our list this summer. and this park delivered. The best part is they are building a bridge (see all the construction in the background) so there were cranes and trucks and all kinds of great things to watch! we would have stayed all day. but we had a hot date with the library! We take the library seriously! :) Thursdays are Library day around here!

by the way. Best part of the Library was finding out that there is a series of books called : My First Little House Books- Today we chose Sugar Snow. I don't know about you but I was spoon fed on some Laura Ingalls Wilder!

God Bless ya'll,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3 of TSO7...appts and appraisals and blessings!

O goodness gracious. My husband invented a lovely dish. We call it "Avocado/Chicken spread" or shove that in a baked potato and pretend it butter and sour cream spread. Or Cram it in the Pita (whole wheat) with a bunch of that spinach that tastes like dirt and pretend it's chicken Salad! whomp Whomp! My daughter is not participating in 7 with us. But ...she LOVES spinach and boiled eggs and she has been stealing my chicken off my plate. We may have a problem soon. :)

Right when we were sitting down to enjoy this precious lunch a man pulls up to do an appraisal on our home. We are trapped in a HORRIBLE loan. I am ashamed we even signed the papers...but THIS is our chance to get back on track! WE have stuck with the terrible loan for 5 years. We have worked HARD for this moment...THE refi is here. But dang, why did the dude have to show up on avocado/chicken spread day? Come on!

So being the great southern belle I am. I quickly had the hubby put Silas on the he would not eat our dude! and then walked through the house turning on lights and opening if that improves the looks? then I walked my hungry self right back to the kitchen table and noshed! Yum Yummers. Betcha the man was so scared . Two tattooed peeps.

a talkative 5 year old following his every move

and a bulldog with issues.

 Lovely! I hope we fair well....the house is clean and the foundation is well ...founding? whatev. It would be nice to have a NORMAL loan again!
today is also the first day I babysit since fasting....:) First outside interaction with humans other than my own.  no nap. no coffee. fun fun! But the day with Miss E went well. Lot's of hugs from her and she also told me I am the bestest baby sitter ever. I declare. I love this child. My child on the other hand is missing nap time and is acting like Drew Barrymore: ie: Firestarter days

Every time I said no: she looked like this:  
So the afternoon was a hot mess! :)
Children were fed. so far today I have avoided the following: the donuts hiding in the microwave, peanuts waiting patiently in the pantry and the ice cream that keeps laughing at me each time I open the freezer.'s everywhere!

I have also sadly thrown out so much wasted food that my daughter does not eat. 1/2 a bowl of frosted flakes. 1/2 a ham and cheese sandwich. WELL that's gonna stop. from now on we will divvy out portions that are good for her. NOT for us...and guess what honey bear is still eating for dinner? HER 1/2 a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she could not finish at lunch! uh huh.

Day Two of Food. Prayer + adoption blessings!

Well the family survived day 2 of 7. :) We had a big blowup around lunch time and I will admit that at 12:10 pm yesterday I was ready to QUIT. DONE. Finished!

But you know what. I went into my bedroom. I prayed. I repented. I apologized to my husband for wicked mean words I spoke. We accepted each other and forgave. and we ate. together. a very yummy lunch! :)

So after nap time I woke up and found one email from our Bethany Christian Services Social Worker and one voicemail from her as well. Then the bonus. A voicemail from a social worker in Norfolk. Let me tell you that I love how God works. I LOVE HOW GOD works.

We began our adoption journey in September 2011. We have been viewing MANY profiles of children available in the state of VA. We have prayed. We have people praying for us! :)
We have put our lives on hold in many ways preparing for this moment. And just when we were about to self-implode about spinach and chicken. BAM. God answers prayers.

I really have nothing to say about day 2 except that God works a fast track with the Niles Family! and I appreciate my God and my family beyond measure!
Have a blessed day ya'll,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day ONE of 7 foods...

I woke this morning and walked in the kitchen. Oh yeah. NO coffee. Day one of 30 coffee-less days. To the computer I go...I sit and read God's word. I managed to watch with blurry eyes both of my bible study videos...I am currently doing a Psalm Study with Wendy Pope! I also have my hand full of studying the Proverbs 31 Woman! Very nice humor my Lord has!
Breakfast was simple! Boiled Eggs, Wheat Toast and a coffee cup! :) I had a delicious apple and really felt at peace. I feel like this is a great time to start surrendering. my WHOLE self to the LORD...inch by inch...I move closer!
All household chores were complete by 9am! geez. not having coffee to sit with and creep on facebook sure saves me a boatload of time! :) and then it first meltdown.
My favorite Quote from today: WHERE ARE my CROCS. snapped. just like that. total freak out.
Went out the back door to hang laundry on the line P31 style...went to slip on my outside shoes (pink crocs)  and BAM. they are gone! Insert growl and wonky eyed glare here!  I automatically started to interogate my 5 year old cherub...we searched high and low. NO Crocs.
Off I go to find my cell phone and call culprit number two! The Husband. 5 rings. 6 rings. He TOO is doing the Summer of 7 with coffee makes man slow to open cell phone.
Bryan: hi
me: Did YOU MOVE MY CROCS????????????????????????????????
Bryan: yes they are in the ga....
me: WHY , WHY did you move them. I have been looking all over blah blah blah blah.....
Bryan: Tracy, I put them in the garage so they would not get wet with dew. Stepping in wet shoes is gross. I was doing you a favor.
me: well, um, OK I found them. bye.

nice start to making more room for the Holy Spirit eh? jeez.

Then to roll through my morning at mach 80 speed: I held my 7 book club. I brewed coffee for a couple of the ladies, while baking Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies for the church bake sale. Yes. I have flipped my wig.

Lunch was wonderful . I just adore avocados...well today I do! My husband laughed at our lack of condiments and got the giggles...I think 7 has done him in on day ONE!  on to nap. YES WE nap! the child naps and so do we. WE are old . we tire out easily! :)

Then we woke. I woke with a low throbbing sensation...all over my Head! yikes. caffeine withdrawals had moved in...not the Holy Spirit. so I cheated. and I made my hubbie cheat too! we had two glasses of ice tea. sucked them down like maniacs. I am frugal. could not let that tea go to waste. Popped some ibuprofen and powered on.

Dinner was much the same as lunch. delish and simple. My daughter asked for more spinach? what? She ate 3 boiled eggs...wait 4 throughout the day. She eats them like they are chocolate. it's gross. yuck. o and we cheated at dinner. it was necessary. I steamed the last of the broccolini. it's too expensive to give to the blasted guinea pig.

The day has us both reflecting on HOW much we have! people are starving and right up the street are 24 hour buffets. we had seven choices of food. delicious, nutritious food . Some have one choice. or NONE. I pray that I continue through this journey with open mind, eyes and ears to hear what the Lord will share with me.

Day one down. 29 to go..I did NOT get voted off the Island today! :)

Praise HIM!
God Bless,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

7 Eve...Not like Christmas Eve at all...

Good Morning,
as our family prepares for church I am hugging a cup of Joe. Tomorrow Joe and I break up for 30 days. That goes for Miss Hazelnut creamer and good old Sugar Baby. all three. Gone after today.
Stay tuned as I walk through a journey  of 7. Based on the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker . Trimming Excess & pulling closer to the Lord at the same time. In the end I will probably be sweetly broken.
This just in from the kitchen:
Bryan (hubbie) what did you have for breakfast?
me: nothing yet.
Bryan: 7 starts today right?
me: NO. Tomorrow.
Bryan: silent. pushes toaster down and smiles...He will be enjoying an EVERYTHING Bagel...guess he better sit down and write his Dear John letter to Mr. Thomas's Bagels! heart break!
more to come folks...much more. Just had to share that the fear has set in...tomorrow 7 begins!~

God Bless ya'll


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10, 9, 8, 7...BLASTOFF!

And so it begins! the journey of 7.
 Book Club met for the first time on Monday. Two are ALL is pregnant so food will not be on her agenda, and one is on the fence. Two more ladies coming in the next 3 weeks. This will be a GREAT mix! Different women...different results!

Here is the author's website: Jen Hatmaker

As for me I shall commence month one of 7 on : drum roll please.......June 11. Gotta get my grocery list right.
After much thought and prayer and reading...I went with the author's list of food items:
here they are.
Whole-Wheat Bread
Sweet Potatoes

just when I was doubting myself and my choices AND my ability to do this! God sent affirmation. In the form of an email! From Harris Teeter! does He do that to you?

  • Chicken- ON SALE buy 2 get 3 free! done!
  • Sweet Potatoes- ON SALE...I love my God's sense of humor
  • APPLES- ON SALE! love it!
  • Spinach- My husband has a guy at work begging him to come get spinach out of his garden...turns out the guy plants a HUGE plot! and he is overrun! Bonus!
  • Bread...well I happen to run the bread ministry at 2 times a month I can get a loaf or two for free. Bread is a gimmee!
  • Eggs- love my brown eggs. I can buy them anywhere in Chesapeake from some friends LUCKY enough to own real live chickens!
  • Avocados-  the only true budget buster will be Avocados...but after reading the health benefits of the awesome avocado I will take the hit! :) Why Avocados Rock
There are some favorites missing from my list of 7.
um. Coffee. I LIVE for coffee, sugar and creamer! this will hurt. Sweet Tea. Who in their right mind does not drink gallons of sweet tea! it's SUMMER! ;) 30 days....must keep remembering 30 days.
AND Pizza, spaghetti, ice cream, MILK! I love milk! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Pepsi. Peanut Butter. Slightly roasted salted peanuts. o so yummy. Ice cream. o wait. I said that already.

But this is a fast. Less of me...More of YOU LORD! I am brave. I will blog. I will cry when there is cake available. It's going to be interesting. Perhaps my fat clothing will start fitting again! :) you were supposed to laugh! Pray for me!

The best part is my husband Bryan said he would join me on this month! I am very excited! The kids will not partake. This is for me to look inward and hear the mighty voice of God. Can't wait to share what I hear with YOU!

God Bless ya'll!

Enjoy the HOP