Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 4...oh there's MORE? 26 days to GO!

Last night I watched this movie called : Food Inc. Good ol' Jen Hatmaker mentioned it in her book 7 and I sat down and soaked it all in. Well geez that just ruined food for me. I am mad. Confused. AND I will do more research. you should watch it. I am so chapped I can't think straight. stepping off my soapbox now.

I really got angry today. About the loss of an avocado. Those bad boys cost a lot! :) and one of ours molded. seems bulk shopping with these little stone fruits won't do. Bummer. I won't cry over one wasted avocado...but it did break my heart a teeny tiny bit.

I cheated. I drank a big tall glass of milk. 2%. it was like love in a glass. I miss milk. I am a milkaholic. The date on the jug is nearing..and with only baby girl and big man cub drinking milk we are two peeps shy of killing the 2 jugs left. I had to take one for the team. I will NOT waste food. Too many going hungry. I probably should have thought this challenge through a bit more and started in 2 weeks instead of last week...but woulda , coulda , shoulda. I am compulsive by nature. And here we are in substitution land.

I have also been using my husband for leftover duty! :) He works afternoons at the Railroad and I make him take the perishable Items that we must bust a move through! He took this job begrudgingly! He really is GOOD at sticking to this 7 thing!

Today I had to get out of this house and take my girl on adventures! We are working our way through all the parks in our city! There Are TEN! I knew of only 2! So...with that said today's park was a nice 15 minute drive away. It's called Elizabeth River Boat Landing Park. and it is just that. a park (small play place) with a Boat dock. BUT with my new found appreciation of being nowhere near tempting food we had a great time!

We watched a man get his boat on a trailer. She walked up and down the docks! We live surrounded by rivers and oceans and bays! What a delightful place Chesapeake is! There is also a pier (small) there that men were crabbin off of! That just excited Cora to no end. As a child I crabbed all over Hampton Roads with my father. Chicken leg on string. Crab Net and a bushel of fun! I really wanted to hang out more with the old men on the pier. I feel at home there...more on that later!

The play area was typical park was covered by 8-10 ENORMOUS shade trees. In this era of growth you seldom see a shaded park! all SUN makes for NO fun! The best part was we had the park to ourselves. No lines for the fighting over swings...just Cora busting her moves!
FREE fun is on our list this summer. and this park delivered. The best part is they are building a bridge (see all the construction in the background) so there were cranes and trucks and all kinds of great things to watch! we would have stayed all day. but we had a hot date with the library! We take the library seriously! :) Thursdays are Library day around here!

by the way. Best part of the Library was finding out that there is a series of books called : My First Little House Books- Today we chose Sugar Snow. I don't know about you but I was spoon fed on some Laura Ingalls Wilder!

God Bless ya'll,


  1. If you want to let your guilt about food go, come read my blog. It is for the tired and weary who are too poor and balanced to go whole hog with real foods. :) Plus, as you might conclude from lots of documentaries, it is very slanted to make its points convincing.

  2. Yes...that is true! skipping on over to your blog! :) well. not skipping...since I have no coffee in my there slowly um ...yep.