Thursday, June 21, 2012

Peace in the back of a Box Truck. Day 17 of Food

I am still hangin in there with the 7 food items folks! DAY 17 of FOOD. Progress is being made. I eat less and what I eat tastes wonderful. Like a gift from God. I have been doing a LOT of freezer cooking and our freezer is stackin' up girls! :)
not my Tupperware never matches

It's been a bit of a frustrating week with Social Services/adoption stuff and trying to finally hatch a 21 year old Man cub who is fighting growing up tooth and nail. And it's hot here folks. I am talking 100% humidity and 90 . Yuck. That temp is good for one thing. Swimmin' and that's it. 
not MY pool. I have a plastic kiddy pool

But I have been on a bit of a hormonal roller coaster the last few days....see my last post's not pretty!

BUT....God granted me peace today in the back of a box truck. My wonderful "angel" from the farm called again to arrange for me to pickup some more peaches for the hungry. Well. honey . she rolled up that back door of that truck and BAM. Ice cold ...she said Box up what you need. and then she left me. With a COLD place to sit and peaches for DAYS! Peace...right a truck. You never know when God is gonna show up. While my daughter ran willy nilly around her chicken coop and in the garden I boxed up some peaches, I bagged up some peaches and I boxed up some more peaches. Then I ATE must go here and get some peaches (yes I am redirecting cuz I cheated on my fast) at  Mount Pleasant Farms. if you live near Chesapeake, VA you get your little tail together and come on out ya hear? If you are real nice she will let you pet her chicken named Miss Peaches! :)

Back to cheating. Yep. I cheated. But we ran outta apples this morning. What was I to do. Big , juicy and cold peach. I had to EAT it!
So as I sat in the back of that truck I got my hands dirty. All in the name of the Lord. I hand picked those peaches to hand out to the hungry, to the poor who are one paycheck away from having a really terrible day, to those who think no one cares. They are tired of peanut butter and jelly. They want something fresh and new. And you know what...I am tired of peanut butter and jelly Christians. I want Christians who get in the trenches and do something. See a need, fill it. See a hurt, heal it. See a homeless person, learn their name. SERVE the LORD. BE a PEACH. Be fresh and new!

Just Do feels so good and it makes the world a much better place. Did you complaining about food? Day 17's all good!

Good Morning Girls

God Bless ya'll,

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