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Refrigerators and Starfish- Day 26 of FOOD

So we are very near to finishing up our 30 Days of 7 foods in this house! If you are just joining us see my original post on why we are doing this!

I look at food as a privilege now. Not a gimme...we are so blessed to walk in a farmer's market or grocery store and just fill a cart with so many choices!

So just as I was planning what we would EAT for the 4th of JULY! no more chicken! hurray...I came across this picture from a friend.
This is what my friend Tammy Jenkins said when she took the picture:
" this is what I see here everyday, i usually don't take pictures but i think I am going to start showing you guys what I see everyday here in Bangula. She was on her knees
looking for something on the ground. when I went to her, she cried out
"momma". momma is an English word that they do not know, i wish i could down load the video. i put some money in her hand. enough to feed her for a week. it is only because you guys out there have given to us here that allowed me to do that. my facebook friends just feed this poor widow for a week with a $10.00 donation. we all are making a difference in these poor peoples lives here. i love you guys. i never did know what she was looking for. "
I will give you Tammy's back story in a moment.
I want you to take a hot second and stick with me here: meet Tammy's Starfish!
and here is another one of the Starfish---can you see the lOVE?

These 20 - TWENTY- boys that she cares for daily have made my 30 day fast possible. Each time I looked down to complain about eating yet another EGG, or a darned piece of Chicken I thought of these boys. Boys with simple needs. They need LOVE, FOOD, and most recently a refrigerator!!!!! According to Chiefy Hanock in Malawi that fridge would cost 800.00 US dollars. I will quote him right here: (yes I speak to a Chief in Malawi on you LOVE facebook! )
"yes sister we need fridge and here it cost $800 which is MK 200,000 to buy a freezer, the importance is more to have this bc we can manage to keep a lot of things which needs cooler condition."

Here is one more plea from the Chief: "
now that the Heaven House Has the animals like goats, pigs and chicken so that it can help us to have meat in our menu list as well as money for food. at this time maize as a staple food is still exists but to get it is tough. the animals we have ...we can be able to get eggs, meat and milk, and these things need a cool place to be in older to preserve it, so with this reason The Heaven House ministries asks for the fridge anyone who can touched with what HHM doing could help us to find one fridge. i am really concerned at this point, because i dont want to feed the boys & girls expired things due to the hot weather which we do experience here 9month a year."
A fridge. ONE fridge. to feed 20 boys.
People please go to this link : Heaven House Ministries did you go? come on click on it , take one minute and look around. This is REAL life hands and feet of Christ. 
Any given day 20 or so people read this blog...if I bang out a good one I hit 60+ page views...I am a fledgling...some of you reading this are heavy hitters...I love that! I thank YOU for reading my blog. Will you help me get the word out?  This month was supposed to be all about me , not eating, WHAT I WANT! but guess what...God has flipped the script and I am gonna ask you a favor! 
Would you join me and  be the hands and feet of our Lord, the Great I AM.  Would YOU---yes little sweet pretty little YOU---donate 20 dollars...2    0     dollars......TWENTY smackers to help this grassroots ministry. This woman is literally Building Shelters as we speak! o and she needs a church sponser. (my church already has some over there...but I asked! ) AND! Prayer. Prayer for Tammy and her orphans and the entire country of Africa!
if just 40 of you donated 20.00 they would have the fridge. I donated 20 just now on Fundrazer.If you do not like donating online please message me so I can work something out. If you are local throw a 20 at me when you see me I will pile all donations together and make a donation using my CC. it's so easy! Go back up top and see the picture of that elderly angel. 10 dollars feeds her for a WHOLE week. TEN dollars...that's two latte's people! that's 3 gallons of gas. Can we do it?
YES. if you are on facebook here is a link to my EVENT that I am doing:
20 people a day- 20 dollars per person for 20 days....All in honor of Tammy's 20 little Starfish.

I personally am inviting 20 friends each day and praying that they in turn will invite 20! Can you all help this little Blogger that could start a revolution? Each day we can choose to spread mud on Facebook or thru email...or we can spread JOY! I CHOOSE JOY!

Did I mention the Boys love Baby Powder! :)
so if you can help...please do...if you don't have money can you share this blog? or forward this to a friend. Don't be stealin' blessings from people! Let them make their own choices!

God Bless ya'll for hanging on this last month! It's been a good one!

Some back story on Tammy:

About Tammy

After my baby brothers suicide in August 2007, I quit my job as a Registered Nurse, sold or gave away everything I owned and decided it was time to LIVE my dream. I first came to Malawi in 2009. I stayed at a orphanage in Bangula Malawi. It was a money bussiness for a married couple, one from US and one from Canada. Babies where dying in my arms because they were not feeding them right. I knew God sent me to cause change. I am a fighter when need be and I do not turn away from things which God has showed me. I have come back to Malawi in order to take the children out of this bad orphanage. I have 5 of them within the first month. I am afraid to take more until I know I have the funds to feed and put them in school. please help me, God knows I hate asking for money. I have a donationation site at facebook Heaven House Ministies. God, Thank you for those that will Help and put your favor on them.

Contact Info


  • PO Box 91
  • Chiromo, Malawi


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