Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3 of TSO7...appts and appraisals and blessings!

O goodness gracious. My husband invented a lovely dish. We call it "Avocado/Chicken spread" or shove that in a baked potato and pretend it butter and sour cream spread. Or Cram it in the Pita (whole wheat) with a bunch of that spinach that tastes like dirt and pretend it's chicken Salad! whomp Whomp! My daughter is not participating in 7 with us. But ...she LOVES spinach and boiled eggs and she has been stealing my chicken off my plate. We may have a problem soon. :)

Right when we were sitting down to enjoy this precious lunch a man pulls up to do an appraisal on our home. We are trapped in a HORRIBLE loan. I am ashamed we even signed the papers...but THIS is our chance to get back on track! WE have stuck with the terrible loan for 5 years. We have worked HARD for this moment...THE refi is here. But dang, why did the dude have to show up on avocado/chicken spread day? Come on!

So being the great southern belle I am. I quickly had the hubby put Silas on the he would not eat our dude! and then walked through the house turning on lights and opening if that improves the looks? then I walked my hungry self right back to the kitchen table and noshed! Yum Yummers. Betcha the man was so scared . Two tattooed peeps.

a talkative 5 year old following his every move

and a bulldog with issues.

 Lovely! I hope we fair well....the house is clean and the foundation is well ...founding? whatev. It would be nice to have a NORMAL loan again!
today is also the first day I babysit since fasting....:) First outside interaction with humans other than my own.  no nap. no coffee. fun fun! But the day with Miss E went well. Lot's of hugs from her and she also told me I am the bestest baby sitter ever. I declare. I love this child. My child on the other hand is missing nap time and is acting like Drew Barrymore: ie: Firestarter days

Every time I said no: she looked like this:  
So the afternoon was a hot mess! :)
Children were fed. so far today I have avoided the following: the donuts hiding in the microwave, peanuts waiting patiently in the pantry and the ice cream that keeps laughing at me each time I open the freezer.'s everywhere!

I have also sadly thrown out so much wasted food that my daughter does not eat. 1/2 a bowl of frosted flakes. 1/2 a ham and cheese sandwich. WELL that's gonna stop. from now on we will divvy out portions that are good for her. NOT for us...and guess what honey bear is still eating for dinner? HER 1/2 a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she could not finish at lunch! uh huh.


  1. Love this! The last line . . .I was crackin' up!!! Yep - times are a changin' for me too. I think I look like your daughter. That's how I'm relating here.

    1. I do appreciate you stoppin by Alene! you are such a joy! you get me! :)

  2. Hilarious! I am SO glad you are doing this with us. :)

    1. Thank you for opening up the avenue so I can rant and tell of all the blessings as well! :)