Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peach Prophecy

Hello and good Saturday to you all! yes, I did miss a day. Friday was not so TGIF. But I made it through, My body aches with protest over only having 7 choices of food. One kind friend asked me, why do you torture yourself? It took a long drive home to come up with an answer and it came in the form of peaches.

Mount Pleasant Farms
I received a call from the kind friend above who shall remain nameless. She asked me if I was still feeding the hungry. Why YES I am! I am always hustling food and this super kind friend happens to have a Peach Orchard and she is a bit overrun with "too soft to sell" peaches and running her store and raising chickens and her large garden!

One chicken lookin in, one lookin out!

 Frankly I do love her life. :)  Sorry...I digress. Anyhoo...she called to see if I could take some "soft" peaches to feed to the homeless. I of course say yes. I always forget to ask how much..I just say YES! So off to the farm we go! What a lovely store they have! you must stop in if you live in Chesapeake....go see Mount Pleasant Farms here is their web page.

I do love generosity...I do believe I can find a hungry mouth for each of those peaches. Now you wanna talk about torturing myself..Driving home with those yummy peaches in the back seats and my darling daughter saying how she can't wait to get home and try a big juicy peach and oh, momma don't they smell great...:) that's torture.

But this morning it dawned on me( no pun intended since I rise at 5:45) How blessed am I . I get to go feed hungry people today. REAL hungry people. Not whimpering middle-age ME on a fast hungry people. I needed this reality check and just when I was about to call this whole 30 crazy days fast thing QUITS...God sent affirmation ...keep it going Tracy.

So this morning guess what? I CAN more blurry eyes first thing in the morning. I went to bet early last night! I am refreshed and excited about the day. I have 1/2 a 4-runner full of peaches and the other 1/2 is filled with 10 racks of BREAD for the pantry. I am a moving food mobile. I facilitate food. I see a need. I go fill it. This is what God has called us to do.

My friends know that on any given day they may open an email begging for : turkeys, new white tube socks, ramen noodles, peanut butter or money for orphans in Malawi. it's my gift. I beg for those with no voice. Some friends get tired and move on...but some...the really special ones remember that Tracy can find a home for 18 pecks of "soft" peaches. I love being known as "that" girl. It's a far stretch from "the" girl I used to be.

So today I thank the Lord for the grumble in my tummy and my clear eyes at 6 am! God is Good all the time! God is GREAT.

Here is my theme song for the day: Listen here!

God Bless ya'll,


  1. Love it! Praying for eyes to see those opportunities, too.

  2. Thank you Alison. sometimes we all get so caught up...that we can't see the forest for the peaches...:)

  3. Gosh, I love that you are cool with being "that girl". I want to speak up for groups like that but sometimes I'm afraid of being annoying or overbearing. Thanks for the push!

    1. I think it works because they KNOW I have a passion. That is actually why the peach gal called. Her first question was are you still feeding the homeless? I say I am always feeding hungry people! :) my front porch is a dumping station for clothing for the homeless, food for the pantry and other items that people can't find homes for! :) I facilitate the items where they need to go and people trust me to do just that! :) Stay tuned for what we do on our daughter's birthday! (pssst. it benefits the homeless! )

  4. You are my kind of girl! I call myself a stay at home advocate for missions every since our careers as missionaries didn't work out. I think it IS a gift, and I'm glad you have it. :)

    1. Thank you is a gift. I had been struggling this week against using it. but it's God's Gift to me. So I must use it! Praise Him! Thank you for the affirmation and kind words!