Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot Lava and "End"dependence DAY

Do you remember being a child and playing a game called Hot Lava...maybe all the carpet in your home was HOT Lava...and the only way to survive was to jump from couch to chair to end table without touching the BAD STUFF! My daughter is now 5 and her favorite thing to say is oh...that part of your Bed is HOT lava...as she flings herself thru the air and lands next to me! I love her imagination.

However. Hot Lava exists...I avoid it every day. It's the snarky remarks about others, the eye rolls at a neighbors new car, the up and down looks at a "bit too tight" outfit, the "not so walking with Christ" moments that all Christians have.

These are my HOT LAVA moments. I try not to fall in. I skip from Small Group, to Service, to serving others...but there are days when the gap is too large. I fall right in. I get BURNED!

Let me break it down for ya...our family is going through the adoption process. We started back in September 2011. Fast forward to June 2012. We receive a call, we are chosen to be a child's family. We schedule to meet the child. There are whoops and hollers heard for miles! TWO days later we receive a call and blammo....the foster parents have decided that they now want to adopt. I will leave out ALL the drama that ensued after that...but I will admit this. I turned flat out HUMAN.

Can you believe it. I was hot. I wanted revenge. I felt cheated. blah, blah, blah.
But when I wanna get even I call in the intercessory prayer team at church. I bring in the heavy hitters.
 You make me mad. I am praying for ya! Got that?

Then , seriously folks...you will not believe this. They called 4 days later and said that the Foster Parents had changed their mind. Would we like to meet the child. Jaw. ON . Floor. Blessings...everywhere!

Now any REGULAR minded person would have said. Why Yes! of course we would love to come in, what time would you like us?  But the old grudge holdin' , mean natured alcholic in me said....um...we gotta talk about this. Cuz by not adoptin this child...I'm gonna teach this here social worker a lesson. Puleeeeeez.

So after God Bible Slapped me around a bit I got some words from him. (he often has to do this with me) Tough love is all that works on this gal....
Here are the words that jumped OFF of the page at me:
First every single scripture/study/book I read had the same words.
Then I hit a home run reading : Your Destiny by Ivan & Isabel Allum pg 61 says: His mercies are new each morning and His love remains till the end. He keeps no record of when He has been wronged.

Snap. yep. got it. I am picking up what YOU are laying down Lord. If I am talking the talk...I best be walking the walk. Don't get me testifying up in here!
HOW can I point fingers and talk poo poo about DSS when the Lord has set this up for us and we are to walk it straight and narrow!

So, we swallowed our PRIDE this morning, wrote our worker and told her to schedule that meeting. WE are gonna get ourselves a new family member. Not a new social worker. A child. That needs us. And may not love us at all at first. But gosh darned it...people sure take a shine to us after a little bit! Just ask my friends! :)

Now on to Independence Day I mean "end"dependence DAY! (on credit cards)

We are celebrating our 10th month of working the Financial Peace Program by Dave Ramsey. We have paid off:
drum roll please:

$9194.26 in DEBT. Roll in the CAR we sold before the class started in Oct. 11 and we have paid off a grand total of : $22,194.26 in DEBT. Loans, CREDIT CARDS, Car Loans , IRS! argh! you name it. we are one payment away from killing another Credit CARD. we are a cash only household. No plastic in this house! Our current debt free date is Oct 2014. and the snowball is ROLLIN' . I suggest if you have a mortgage, credit cards, student loans that you check this class out. BEST 93.00 smackers I ever spent! :)

I personally can't wait to stop Livin' like no one else so we can GIVE like no one else!

God Bless ya'll  & stay safe out there on the 4th of JULY!
God Bless AMERICA!


  1. Let's see, MON starts the LDRSHIP meeting in NY...and MON you have the appointment...seems the LORD, as always, knew what was coming up so you were directed not to go up North! God is GOOD! ALL the Time!

    1. Amen. God is GREAT! :) thanks for pointing that out M.A.!

  2. Love this! Prayers for you and your first meet! Prayers for BOTH of us when we're being human! ;)

  3. I'm so proud of your END-dependence! That's a great thing to be rid of. I remember we had to do the same. So thankful those grueling days are over and I have financial discipline now. blessings girl.

    1. Thank you Alene. it's always great to hear that from someone who climbed the hill and made it over! our mantra right now is: 1. this is just a "season"! 2. one day we can stop "living like no one else and start GIVIN like no one else! " God Bless YOU!