Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Normal

The Time has Come  This song shall start this blog. It's by Hillsong United it's perfect for this season of the Niles Family.

It's time for a New Normal. Let me unpack the Old Normal for you....
  • Book Club
  • Small Group
  • Library on Thursdays with Cora
  • Parks with Cora
  • Nap times
  • Art Classes for Cora
  • Gym Classes for Cora
  • Dinners with friends
I just stole some of those from my planner (yes a paper calendar ) in the month of June. June rolled in lazy and slow. Cora and I planned to go to all 10 parks in our lovely city of Chesapeake. Free Movies on Wednesdays, Art on Tues, Gym on Saturdays...bucolic , lazy summer days.

Fast Forward to July. I have told many of you we are in the adoption process. We started this journey last September 2011. It's been long, slow and there have been ups and downs. But we were approved and immediately hit the ground running to find a child perfect for our family! After reviewing many case files we were actually introduced to a very awesome girl. It was love at first hop in the time machine.....Sept 2011 to July 16, 2012. We met her. We loved her.

Now we have a new normal. Bye Bye June. July's  calendar boxes are full of scratches...scribbles and ink of all colors.
  • Social Services appointments
  • Reminders to call the girl's foster parents
  • call Insurance company
  • cancel book club
  • small group
  • Vacation Bible School for Cora
  • library day still stands! :)
  • free movies still stand
  • call "our girl" - I love these calls at night. it's just so sweet I really have no words to describe them
So. when you adopt life does not stand still. Summer is not lazy. There is a new sense of urgency. Many things must take place. Yets nothing can until someone completes paperwork, makes a call or says OK. So we wait and then we hurry up. It's the New Normal. Plans are cancelled. Vacations and visits with relatives don't happen. There are others to take into consideration. You become flexible. You smile when you want to cry. You trust GOD to do it all. I pray and wait for answers. I knew once we met her this would be a fast thing. I told my watch...summer will be the time. It will be fast and furious. He laughed at me. Guess who is laughing now?
We have many things to do. But God will help us. So yesterday God gave me the stregnth and held off the rain so I could begin to empty the room over the garage. I was able to pull our Kindergartner's big girl bed down and put it together(this sentence makes it look so simple)
She is still sleeping peacefully in it as I write this. scratch that off the list of things to get done! :)

I am a list maker. God is trying to break me of this. I am not in control. While we are in this process I beg for lists. Please tell us what to do. Our workers smile and say a few things and we do them...But there is no plan. There is no list. I am walking in faith RIGHT NOW. I am not walking by sight. That was the old Normal. This is the New Normal.

I like the New Normal. It feels kind of like new clothes for school good. Like brand new shoes good. Maybe even like a new hair color good. It will take some getting used to. But we will wear it well.

God Bless ya'll !


  1. Keep rolling sweetie!! He is walking with you and covering your back... as always. Love to all of you, Mom

  2. Your testimony of God's grace in your life shines through your circumstances written about in your post. :) From what I've observed and experienced, life doesn't stay "normal" for very long.

  3. We are very proud of you, as usual. Know that you & your family are always in our thoughts & prayers! Always stay the sweet,honest
    person that you are AND-it will all be just fine. Love to all''Aunt Marguerite & Uncle Tom

    1. Thank you Aunt Marguerite for your kind words~!