Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Blessing's been a while. Life has been hectic and we are getting ready to launch our oldest to AFRICA. He will be volunteering for a year in Malawi at Heaven House Ministries.

So my therapist. O therapist! haha! said. Write him a blessing.
A blessing? wow. never thought of that. so two weeks ago she said that. Here I am two weeks later and 45 hours before he leaves sobbing over some notebook paper putting my blessin' on paper.

I will tell you that she also asked if I had read a book called The Blessing . I urge you to check it out. It's good stuff.

By now you all should know that I am pretty transparent. So I am going to share what I wrote with you today.

Dear Zac,

I have been prompted to write you a blessing. Having known your departure was approaching I have pushed aside writing this day after day. This is not a good bye letter, nor is it meant to be advice. It's simply a Blessing.

My blessing letter to you is to let you know that you have my blessing, my support and my love...100%.

I want you to know that where ever you go, Whatever you do- I support you. My love and adoration for you is never ending. Rain or Shine. Happy or Sad. This is what a Mother does. I knew the moment you were conceived. But I knew you were a gift. Something Special. You are and always will be my son. My joy. My funny, handsome, loving boy!

This morning during my prayer time I heard a quiet voice that explained why I feel regret for not raising you in faith, That NOW I am showing you true faith. Walking by faith can be scary. Waiting for God's provision is unnerving. But the blessings God has given me are immense. You are one of those blessings. You also were able to see your Mother walk "outside" of faith, then come back to God and begin to show how it is to lead a Godly life.

I have Salvation. Therefore my entire household is held in God's hands. I love knowing that. Perhaps there never really was a "golden horseshoe" in ya! It was God's protection keeping my awesome son safe!

I bless you so you can go and walk in Africa and see those who have so little. you will see things that I have never dreamed of. I pray that you have open ears, open eyes, and an open mind for the miracles you will see.

I bless your hands for they will provide joy not only for the children but for Heaven House Ministries and the surrounding areas. Believe it or not your path has been divinely appointed by God. He has given you all the tools needed for this "season" . He has prepared YOU, Zachary for such a time as this.

I bless your mind. You will have to rely on a sound mind to stay safe while traveling. A sharp mind when dealing with strange situations and difficult people.

I know you are blessed with gifts of music and art. Those two gifts will continue to bless others in difficult situation with a levity and a sense of hope. Your gifts are important! You yourself know how much music can "lift" the spirits and how great art feels when you can "express" yourself.

I pray you continue not to be a sheep! Walk outside the "herd" . Be YOU. Better than that. Be the BEST YOU possible. Embrace this season with a passionate grip. Hold ON. It will be an adventure full of ups and downs.

I bless your heart. It is SO large! I bet you will fall in love with Africa. I know Africa will fall in love with you. Honor Yourself. Journal and take pictures. You were built for this. Home will always be here, but really...the world is yours. I pray that God will break your heart for what breaks His.

Cry when you need to. Laugh with abandon. Write Music. Paint what you see! Love everyone you meet. Create memories that your great grandchildren will talk about!

Be Brave. Be Bold. Make Friends. Eat Strange Foods. Never think that you are too young to make a difference. If it feels wrong, don't do it. Say what you mean. Be kind to yourself.

Be the voice for those that have no voice.

And...always know that you can call your Mom. ANYTIME- Day or Night.

love you with all my heart! May God Bless you and keep you close

Momma Dukes