Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bible Slappin' Sunday -Day 24 of 7 Foods

Do you ever get Bible-slapped?

I do quite often and it's usually by complete surprise. God can be a Ninja of sorts when it comes to dealing with little old me.
Here's what happened:

Last week a struggle that I thought was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind me came up and hit me square know the kind. You have all these great plans and then whammo life happens.

Well this person is very near and dear to my heart and forgiveness has been an issue for oh...let's say my lifetime. 2 years ago I totally forgave this person. I worked really hard in a program called Living Waters offered by my church and we had nearly complete restoration in that relationship. (or so I thought)

Well then this person faultered a bit. This person is a human just like me. They made a mistake. They are lonely, they are sick, they are tired...they tripped and fell. But you know what. They got up and promised not to "fall" again. And what did I do? What did I say to this person that I had supposedly given forgiveness to and moved on?

I played chutes and ladders...yep. went right back to start. duh.
old habits die hard and the Lord just sat there shakin his head. I am sure He said "oh look at Tracy ...lettin' her Pride drag her around like a puppet."

So after giving this "forgiven" person the proper tongue to church I went. Isn't that what all good Christians do? can I get an AMEN.

and then the Bible Slappin' started. uh huh...Bible slappin is this: no real Bible's are involved. But when the scripture hits you so hard that you get whiplash...or the worship songs stir you so much you want to lay on the ground and sob...well that is Bible Slappin' in my book . Some may say the Holy Spirit is moving in you. I agree.

So there I was in Church not thinking one iota about THAT person and worship began. Bible Slappin began. TEARS began. And Jesus loving all over me began. My friend behind me reached out and rubbed my back...evoking more tears. Thank God for old Mcdonald's napkins tucked into the deep recesses of purses!

The tears eventually stopped but I was left holding a brown bag of all the things God Told ME.
  1. What are you doing FOR this person? (uh. nothing but calling once a week)
  2. you need to go visit this person. (snap. )
  3. you need prayer and to pray MORE for this person
  4. This person needs to live closer to you, so you can love on them better
O Lord. wow. I think there are still bruises...but I GOT IT. I WOULD NOT have heard the LORD loud and clear had it not been for fasting. This happend on Day 20. But I am now on Day 24 and guess what? That demand list is getting louder. Time to be quiet, be still and do what God says.

Did I mention that the person that I am speaking about is my Dad.

Yes. and when I read over this blog I see a calloused Christian typing. Looking in the mirror is hard.  I had healthy boundaries in place so my Earthly father could not injure me anymore with his alcholism. But fences move, markers move, boundaries move people. The Lord is growing me "big and strong" and the more I grow the safer it is to open gates. Or repair fences.

So pray for me friends. My mear (sp?) mention of this and being in agreement with Christ on this matter has rewarded my family greatly this week. We were chosen to meet with a child from the foster care system here in VA. WE GET TO MEET a child that we have been praying about for 3 months. We started this process in September 2011. What a great ride it's been.

Step out in your faith today. The results will be magnificent!

God Bless Ya'll,


  1. WOW! This is so great how you are sharing how much of a human you are and how the Lord works and does chastise us! I will be praying for you because I know it must be difficult. My dad was an alcoholic and I had some bitter feelings for him and the Lord spoke to me years ago about it. I lost my dad young so I have thought many times that if he was still living & drinking then I would not want him around my children. Call me some time and I will tell you how the Lord spoke to me.
    I pray the love of Jesus will shine through you Tracy for your dad. And before scrolling down I was pretty sure that was who were speaking of in this blog. Thanks for sharing and love ya girl. Stay strong in the Lord. Keep praying, reading His Word daily and going to church as much as those doors are open!
    Love in Christ,
    Your Sister in Christ :o)

    1. Hey. When God moves I speak. sharing is carin! :) I will call you sometime. thanks for being my long distance friend and facebook buddy!

  2. Amazing! I recently had a similar experience. not with family, but with a friend. Thanks so much for sharing!