Monday, June 18, 2012

The flip flop made me Cry. True story

Well, we did an entire week of 7 foods and are now entering the second week ....
  • I am sick of chicken
  • Avocado is no longer my friend
  • spinach no longer tastes like dirt it's yummy
  • I love olive oil
  • organic apples do taste better!
wow. what a spectacularly blessed life us Americans live with our 1000's of choices of food to eat EACH and every day.
I will not bore you with food writings...we have not had anything exciting happen. But I can tell you this. I truly value a large plate of spinach with a touch of olive oil , salt and pepper.

I am going up on my soap box again .....this whole fasting creates a clear mind thing may backfire on my readers! :) hang with me here peeps...

Yesterday in Church I had the privilege of listening to my dear pastor Debbie Klima speak on God's heart for the poor. Here is the video!  
she gave us some great points
  1. God Values the Poor
  2. God challenges us to help the poor.
Why should we help the poor?
  • Because God helped us when we were poor.
  • Because God commands us to help the poor.
  • Because God protects the poor.
  • Because caring for the poor leads to blessing &eternal rewards.
Yes girl. Teach it. Love it.
Many months back our church did one of the most spectacular "alter calls" I have ever seen. Our head Pastor asked us all to donate our shoes , the very shoes we were wearing, to give them to people in Mazatlan Mexico. To walk out of church bare footed on a cold drizzly day was a very convicting feeling. We both gave shoes that day...but Bryan had been wearing what he lovingly called his "dress flops" seriously folks. He missed them. Bryan is also a size 14. those are some big boats.

It felt good to see many bare feet and some left shaking their heads but a mighty thing happened.They collected many many shoes and they were shipped ahead for the missions crew to pass out in January.

Well honey let me tell you. during the teaching yesterday They showed the video of the Christian feeding facility that VCC raised money to build and then they showed a line. A lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng line of people. All shapes, ages, sizes. Waiting to get those shoes. our shoes. Our old used shoes. They showed smiling faces, sad faces, dirty little faces. Then there were a couple of shots of the shoes. and don't you know the first one that came up had Bryan's huge black flip flops front and center? LOVE it. I started crying . because right then. My husband turned to me and said: did you see em? there they are? my flops...did you see them? It was a great moment. I did not get to see my cute little Chinese laundry mint green mary janes...but I am sure they were on someones feet by the end of the day.

So this just reminded me that we should GIVE. Give OFTEN. Without restraint. I am very much hoping tomorrow to bring you the story of our daughter's birthday and how we celebrate it differently! But for now if you would like to help Vineyard help the poor and needy both globally and locally you can give here:

God bless ya'll,


  1. Cool post. BTW, we know a Vineyard missionary who works in Mazatlan. Small world.

    1. We have one that stays there year round. Krishna. then our team goes once a year. I am hoping to send my husband this year. Very small world! :)