Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dial God.

I found this one from  September 13, 2011

Meditation for the Day----probably relocated from Our Daily Bread
When you call on God in prayer to help you overcome weakness, sorrow, pain, discord, and conflict. God never fails in some way to answer the appeal.
When you are in need of strength for yourself or for the help of some other person, call on God in prayer.
The power you need will come simply, naturally, and forcefully.
Pray to God not only when you need help, but also just to commune with Him.
The spirit of prayer can alter an atmosphere from one of discord to one of reconciliation.
It will raise the quality of thought and word and bring order out of chaos.

ready to GO LEARN!


  1. Michelle KlausmeierAugust 10, 2012 at 4:21 AM

    I just wanted to say how PROUD I am of you today. You, and the family all have everything to be proud of today. Cora lookes great, your families friendly behavior...outstanding, and the heavenly rewards that you'll all receive are truly earned by covering every aspect of what is required for a family all working together. I am just bursting with pride for you, Tracy, and for what you have accomplished, growing a family, in this year. Needless to say, you have a fantastic group with whom to work; that, in itself, makes your job as their mother a more satisfying one!

    I hope that everyone close to you & your family will appreciate all of your efforts throughout this past year. Being as how mother is a 2-way street between children and their parents. I'm sure you know how much of constructing that 2-way street comes directly from your positive attitude and enthusiasm. I hope they see those positive character qualities by the daily examples that you show them.

    I remember when we had those conversations before the beginning of the helping hands collections. Oh, if everyone would just give a little of themselves to help others. But in true fashion, you came through truimphantly and you became a stronger individual. WOW, what a tremendous battle you won!!

    I hope that your family will continue to explore many exciting avenues for many years to come. Tracy, you have proven to be a crowning jewel to your family, to the Vinyard Church, and to motherhood in general. My thoughts are with you and I hope that you continue to have many fun-filled days ahead.

    Take care and let's keep in contact. Michelle K.

    1. Michelle, thank you so much for your kind words...I have been feeling a little "dry" lately and your comment is like water in the "dry" times! :) Thank YOU for taking time to write that. and of course...we will stay in touch! What an awesome MOM-role model you are...must keep you in my circle of "influence" :)