Thursday, April 16, 2015

This ain't two steppin''s ONE steppin'

A while ago I asked my friends on Facebook to give me a go to scripture. I was weary, burdened, my heart hurt and my emotions were so very low. Over 25 friends took time to respond and in no particular order I am meditating on the scriptures that they shared and also praying for them at the same time. 

So first will you join me and pray for my friend Natasha . Lord today we lift Natasha up to you. I ask that you keep her sweet family safe and that their life be filled with love and laughter. I praise you for Natasha hearing that small still voice and offering me me a  scripture from you  Lord in my time of need.  I thank you for her faithfulness and prayers. Amen.

 OK, so Natasha suggested Isaiah 43: 18-19
Forget the former things; do not dwell in the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland... Isaiah 43: 18-19
This picture was taken during my darkest times.

Former- earlier, past

dwell- hold up, hinder , stop to hold up or stop oneself

springs up- to grow or develop, to rise up above surrounding objects

perceive- comprehend, observe, recognize, grasp mentally

The past can lock us up in our minds and keep us running on a track to nowhere. Things that hurt or confuse us earlier in life many times become a trigger on our daily life. Some are good memories, a scent of Nana's perfume but for some smells, places and times of year can be bad. Growing up with an alcoholic Dad meant unpredictable days or nights. When I was in the process of grieving his death I realized that yet again he had done the unpredictable . I am not however in control of his actions. I am only in control of my REACTIONS.
This chair reminded me of how lonely my Dad must have been trapped in his Alcholism

To dwell on the why's or how's of life's hard situations will only hold up and hinder progress towards self growth and the AWESOME future God has in store for YOU. While we can't Stop BAD things can we ? To dwell is to hold up God's calling on your life. This is not a call to actions to "get over" things or "move on" ! This is a plea to work thru them step by step with God guiding you. It may take days or it may take years!
Caught this fish for my Dad! :)

The newness of your life will show in personal growth. As you develop yourself in God's will it is life changing. A metamorphosis from the old you to a new you. Rise up, take God's hand. No matter your surroundings he will set you atop of them with a better view.
God put this smile on my face. His grace is sufficient!

Three years ago I would never have been able to mentally grasp filing for relief of custody in our current adoption. But God is walking our broken, wounded hearts right through the process. ONE STEP AT A TIME.

It's not easy to comprehend. But it's not your walk. It's ours.


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