Friday, April 24, 2015

I left...but He never left me.

A while ago I asked my friends on Facebook to give me a go to scripture. I was weary, burdened, my heart hurt and my emotions were so very low. Over 25 friends took time to respond and in no particular order I am meditating on the scriptures that they shared and also praying for them at the same time. 

So first will you join me and pray for my friend Geri . Lord today we lift Geri  up to you. I ask that you keep her sweet family safe and that their life be filled with love and laughter. I praise you for Geri hearing that small still voice and offering me me a  scripture from you  Lord in my time of need.  I thank you for her faithfulness and prayers. Amen.

 OK, so Geri suggested Matthew 28:20

And teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age.

Teaching to obey everything. Life's trials do just that either you are listening and learning or you are ignoring God's promises and getting LOST.

When I entered my "dark period" not as an "artiste" but as a broken hearted Momma, I had forgotten to simply follow the law of the Lord.

This verse says: Surely I am with you always. That meant even as I hid from God and pushed and kicked like a tantruming child he was there.

There when I sat on the end of that exam table

There when the ultrasound was silent

There when our daughter said I hate you, you were never my parents and I am going back to foster care

There when I was crying and hating myself

There when I hit a brick wall of emotions that fluctuated from rage to hysteria.
There when the police came to my door and said call your Uncle Raymond, it's an emergency

There when I called my Uncle and he said your Daddy shot himself. He's gone

He never left me.


I left God, but He never left me

Not one bottle, person, pill or any other earthly thing will be THERE for you like God.

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