Monday, May 21, 2012

Healing Bombs, Sandy Duncan and Toilet that order!

Healing Bombs, Sandy Duncan and Toilet that order!

Last Saturday I was about to take off to serve at the Food Pantry we have in our Church. I told Cora that I had a headache. She immediately laid her hands over my eyes and began to pray. Lord ( She has a Baptist Drawl! ) Please heal my Mommy's headache. Just be with her Lord and make her feel better. Please place your Healing Bombs on her and help her. now...Stop right there little missy. Mommy don't need no BOMBS up in here...the migraine was enough. (for you folks scratchin' your head ) she was asking for the Lord to place his healing balm on me and heal me. least I think her heart is in the right place! :)
By the time I arrived at the pantry my head ache was gone! Nice job sweety!

Now this next comment I have heard for many many years of my adult life. In my 20's and 30's I would be highly offended when people said: you look like Sandy Duncan! you know that chick from the Nabisco commercials...crud. I just dated myself! However...once you hit your 40's you want to look like her. Sandy looks TIGHT ! check her out way back when! Eerily...the above picture does LOOK like me. ugh. Then this sat another lady told me I looked like Sandy and I said...well darlin' thank you! She also said I bear a striking resemblance to Jamie Lee Curtis which I SO would have a womance (girls version of bromance) with if we were friends!
a girl can dream! I really just love her hair. so then next thing you know everyone in the pantry is singing the Activia Song....classic moment! My husband calls my haircut the Activia Haircut! Nice honey...real nice.

Next up...what every Mom wants to hear from her child. NO....not MOM I got accepted to Harvard!
geesh...don't set the bar too high folks. I was working quickly to get the house freshened up for some dinner guests and my 5 year old walks in the bathroom and says: Mom, I want to scrub the toilet. I fainted. well. I wanted to ....but instead I acted quickly,  Grabbed the Clorox Wand and popped one of those scrubby thingy on it and said ...rock on sweety. I told her to scrub and let it set for 10 minutes. I came back 10 minutes later and she was still scrubbing! Hallelujah. Praise God! I birthed a keeper! here she is ...Ruby Red slippers and all! She's mine alllllllll mine! Don't be too jealous. This is the same little girl who caught three slugs, sealed them in some of my finest Tupperware and then promptly lost slug #3 before the night was over. Luckily I found the escapee slug and released him into his natural habitat: ie: threw him out the back door with a vengeance!
Have a Blessed Day ya'll!


  1. Mmmm, more Sandy Duncan than Jamie Lee, though I can see a bit of the latter...

  2. Bradlee JenningsMay 22, 2012 at 5:12 AM

    Love it!!!! Maybe I need some red slippers to help me motivate to clean the toilets. :)

  3. What a daily blessing that child is to us all!! Tell her that Ye Ye cleaned toilets yesterday too... just did not have any ruby red slippers to make it easier!!! xoxo, Mom And... Pat and I have always said you look like Jamie Lee Curtis!!