Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Worship with Rocketships

They ( the friends and family) say WRITE a BLOG. I relent. here it is. The beginning.
Well, not THE beginning...I will start with some old work out the kinks and learn the ropes here online!
My life forever changed the day I received TWO UPS deliveries ....the first was a little tykes tiny coupe car! you know the one. orange. yellow roof. yep! every tot has one! Then on top of that a flat envelope with graduation announcements. for my son. the UPS guy has me sign and says : got a LOT going on here....
he nailed it. bam. right on the head.
Come on IN: I DO have a LOT going on! Welcome to My Life----it's as fun as puttin' lipstick on a squirrel. :)

Here is what is commonly called a Cora Story around these here parts:
This was written 1/26/2010 on facebook.
 Last Saturday I had a little conversation with my daughter, Cora, about going to church and tried to let her know what to expect when we went on Sunday morning.
I started off with telling ...her about the room where she would go and how she would stay there and meet lots of other children and play with toys. She asked me where I would go and I told her that I would go into another room to worship. She seemed ok with that so we ended the conversation.
Sunday morning came and I decided to go to church by myself. Later that evening at dinner Cora asked me ...How was church today? ...yes she talks like this! I told her it was good and that I enjoyed it very much. I asked her would she like to go with me next Sunday and she exclaimed--
YES. I wanna go in the Rocket Ship and go to China! it took me a moment but then I realized she thought that Worship was a type of rocket ship and she totally wanted in on that deal!
my my my...glad we worked that out before I actually showed up to drop her in the children's room!
These are two of our three wild things. Our daughter is away at college. Our age spread on kids...16 years. One is 5 the other two are 21! yeppers! A perfect storm every 16 years....without George Clooney of course!
So...I hope you stop by and keep tabs. It's a crazy life...I live it I love it and I thank God for every single second of it!

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  1. How powerful that rocketship is!!! Love my Ramona :)