Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trouble is NOT my middle name...that would be Paige


 Dusting this one off from Thursday, July 28, 2011

I wrote this a year ago...I have now been sober for 3 1/2 years. I have a come a long way. Yet still have a LONG way to go. old habits die this case it would be my quick temper...and defensive nature. God is assisting me with those. :)
read on to see where I was a year ago.

head in sand, drink cuz you're mad, drink cuz you're happy, drink to make others mad. drink cuz you're sad. It's almost unbelievable to look back over the last 4 -5 years and see the change that has been made in my life. yes I said 4-5 years. and you say: you been sober 2 1/2. It took THAT long to get it right folks. it's work. but it's worth it. keep the faith!
"There was a time when we ignored trouble,
hoping it would go away.
Or, in fear and depression, we ran from it,
but found it was still with us.
Often, full of unreason, bitterness, and blame,
we fought back.
These mistaken attitudes, powered by alcohol,
guaranteed our destruction,
unless they were altered. . .
Then came AA.
Surprisingly, we found that our troubles could,
under God's grace,
be converted into unimaginable blessings."
Bill W., Letter, 1966
1967AAWS, As Bill Sees It, p. 110

every rose has it's thorn! yes it's real (the piercing not the thorn) ...yes I had it done 3 times. loved it every time! just took it out for and more jobs! :)

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