Monday, September 24, 2012

Contempt of the Proud

Contempt of the Proud

Dusting this one off from  July 18, 2011

I am proud to say that the person I was dealing with now does not anger me ...with a few healthy boundaries and some good old prayer...times are much better! :)

Below is a blog I receive from a ministry. I am currently dealing with a Proud person. This individual is materialistic -peppers me with "money" questions all the time. This person is the complete polar opposite of me. This person actually brings anger to me daily. I know things about this person that would bring their life as they know if to an end if I simply open my mouth. I don't wish to share those secrets with others as it would hurt their mate. I need prayers to indeed not Mock the Mocker. I need prayer to NOT stoop to the level of battle that I endure daily by simply interacting with this individual. Please pray that my tongue not be my weapon of choice. Pray for peace and understanding and pray that I can continue to pray blessings on this person and their family.
thank you.
Our soul is exceedingly filled with . . . the contempt of the proud. —Psalm 123:4

The psalmist was fed up with “the contempt of the proud” (Ps. 123:4). Perhaps you
are too. People in your neighborhood, office, or classroom may be scornful of
your faith and determination to follow Jesus. Sticks and stones do break our
bones, but words can wound more deeply. In his commentary on this psalm, Derek
Kidner refers to contempt as “cold steel.”

We can fend off the jeers of the proud by becoming like them, or we can view their
attempt to humiliate us as a badge of honor. We can rejoice that we’ve been
“counted worthy to suffer shame for [Jesus’] name” (Acts 5:41). Better to bear
shame for a short time than to endure “everlasting contempt” (Dan. 12:2).

We must not be like the mockers by mocking them in turn, but bless those who
persecute us. “Bless and do not curse,” Paul reminds us (Rom. 12:14). Then God
may draw them to faith and repentance, and turn our moments of shame into
eternal glory.
little bit of work being a hermit crab , huh?

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