Friday, February 20, 2015

How do you Let it Go?

She started the day with her icicle.

 After my doctor's appointment we braved the parking lot at the local library...she enjoyed crunching snow.
 The ice is about 2 inches high...this was piled up on her favorite brick walkway...we had to avoid her usual walk up high and jump off the end...too dangerous.
 This is a field at the back of our neighborhood. It used to be filled with corn, sometimes cows...soon it will be a main cut through road. Sad. But was the frozen tundra and beautiful!
 This little road was not salted, sanded or cleared. The car way up ahead of us was fishtailing all over the road. We took it slow and low and got home safe.
 Here at home there is evidence of a child in the house. The blessings are the many footprints left by one busy girl. No snow was left untouched!
 This was a bit touch and go while getting the mail. It's solid ice but tomorrow shall be melted away by warming temps!
 We still have icicle art going on in the bush out front. It's amazing how much this bush can take without snapping. It reminded me of how I feel most days.
Amazing what God creates right before our very eyes. So I imagine all that I am loaded down with right now is meant for a better end...excuse the mess...I am building a testimony.
God Bless.

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  1. Great analogy you have going on here. God bless!