Saturday, May 25, 2013

Can I ask you are personal question?

Can I ask you a personal question?

Well my friends when you are sitting in a salon chair with sharp objects fluttering around your cranium this is always an interesting question.....

Let me back up a bit...yesterday was a scheduled "ME" day. Do you have ME days, or shall I say YOU days? You know days that a person takes all to themselves and just gets all refreshed and renewed etc?  OK....well once a week I take a me day. It's not a whole day but from 10-2 I get to be ME! So I got the children off to school I started to make my plans. I wanted to get a haircut, eat something and maybe hit a thrift store. This may not sound very exciting to you but for me this is divine!

So out I go to accomplish task number one. Haircut. I had a hard time choosing a salon, I normally go to a friend but today I was workin off the cuff so I chose a fancy schmancy new salon right up the street.
Lesson Number ONE: never judge a book (salon) by it's glossy, chevron and turquoise cover.
Lesson Number TWO: never ever EVER enter a salon for a precision short hair cut when it looks like a foil factory....everyone had Barbie hair and aluminum foil....

Yes girls...I should have known better...but my inner Tracy wanted to be pampered. It was a new salon and so well, chic.
Lesson Number THREE: If they don't look at the picture you brought in with more than a passing glance RUN....I want that sucker taped to the mirror. You hear?
I WANT TO FEEL SPECIAL---------------this is what this blog is screaming. Just had to say that, thank you for letting me get that off my chest.
ME day is about ME feeling special. :)

So back to the chair....
I am sitting in the chair and this young gal with the personality of a slug on Valium begins to cut my hair. She's doing an OK job meaning she is probably not 1rst, 2nd or even 3rd chair. she is new. O my heavens...I got the new girl......HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP....still , it is too late to run now. The cape is on. I am in for the long haul.

So as she starts cutting the stylist at the next station says: Excuse me, May I ask you a personal question?

O MY we my brain is going a mile a minute I know her...does she know someone that knows me...o GOSH....does she know MY FRIEND that cuts my hair. I am SO BUSTED!

I say, sure....what's up?

She says: Do you regret getting tattoos?

Me: HUGE sigh of RELIEF
...this question I know the answer to, it has been asked soooo many times it's like. B O R I N G (said in my best teenager voice)

Me: Well yes and no. Some of my choices yes, having them no. They are a part of who I am. Each one represents a chapter in my life. They are me.

Foilmaker woman: oh, cool. Cuz I am going to get a sleeve on my arm and boss just wants to kill me.
(then she turns back to making the blond next to me blonder)

So for some people that would have been one hot second that they did not blog about...but for me I found it burning in my head this morning when I woke up, the creative juices were flowing and it needed to be put out there....

There are many moments in life where we "walk in" and the gut feeling is run, get out, go back to where it's comfy and yummy and not STAY here. THEY will make your head looks like a box....but you stay. You settle in and you relax. There is a reason for you to be there. Sit back and let God take over. He has a plan. I just roll with it!

So after surviving an overpriced head choppin I ventured across the street for some Goodwill retail therapy. After trying on 30 items I found two. It was worth it. As I checked out I realized my oldest called me ----right at lunch time! (no surprise there) So I ran home and grabbed my 22 year old baby boy. He knows what Me day means....It means WE day :) So we ate....and it was good.

So after 22 years of being a Mom I still have not mastered the "ME" Day. The Time to Myself. But the bits I do get are good.

It could have been worse.....check this poor girl out: Curling Iron Tutorial

Until next time , walk bravely, pay attention to your gut and don't fall for glossy covers!

Have a Blessed Day ya'll!


  1. Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  2. Love it and love you!!! Thanks... Mom