Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10, 9, 8, 7...BLASTOFF!

And so it begins! the journey of 7.
 Book Club met for the first time on Monday. Two are ALL is pregnant so food will not be on her agenda, and one is on the fence. Two more ladies coming in the next 3 weeks. This will be a GREAT mix! Different women...different results!

Here is the author's website: Jen Hatmaker

As for me I shall commence month one of 7 on : drum roll please.......June 11. Gotta get my grocery list right.
After much thought and prayer and reading...I went with the author's list of food items:
here they are.
Whole-Wheat Bread
Sweet Potatoes

just when I was doubting myself and my choices AND my ability to do this! God sent affirmation. In the form of an email! From Harris Teeter! does He do that to you?

  • Chicken- ON SALE buy 2 get 3 free! done!
  • Sweet Potatoes- ON SALE...I love my God's sense of humor
  • APPLES- ON SALE! love it!
  • Spinach- My husband has a guy at work begging him to come get spinach out of his garden...turns out the guy plants a HUGE plot! and he is overrun! Bonus!
  • Bread...well I happen to run the bread ministry at 2 times a month I can get a loaf or two for free. Bread is a gimmee!
  • Eggs- love my brown eggs. I can buy them anywhere in Chesapeake from some friends LUCKY enough to own real live chickens!
  • Avocados-  the only true budget buster will be Avocados...but after reading the health benefits of the awesome avocado I will take the hit! :) Why Avocados Rock
There are some favorites missing from my list of 7.
um. Coffee. I LIVE for coffee, sugar and creamer! this will hurt. Sweet Tea. Who in their right mind does not drink gallons of sweet tea! it's SUMMER! ;) 30 days....must keep remembering 30 days.
AND Pizza, spaghetti, ice cream, MILK! I love milk! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Pepsi. Peanut Butter. Slightly roasted salted peanuts. o so yummy. Ice cream. o wait. I said that already.

But this is a fast. Less of me...More of YOU LORD! I am brave. I will blog. I will cry when there is cake available. It's going to be interesting. Perhaps my fat clothing will start fitting again! :) you were supposed to laugh! Pray for me!

The best part is my husband Bryan said he would join me on this month! I am very excited! The kids will not partake. This is for me to look inward and hear the mighty voice of God. Can't wait to share what I hear with YOU!

God Bless ya'll!

Enjoy the HOP


  1. So are you doing a full month? You are so brave. :)

  2. Katrina. yes. I tend to also be an extremest...I am either in or out...Like Heidi says on Project Runway. :) we shall see how brave I am on Day 30. Sweetly Broken would be best!

  3. Awesome!!! Will pray for you too!!!

  4. WHOA now here's a serious girl. Love it. Glad you are joining in!! Can't wait to read more.

    1. That's right. seriously deranged! :) thanks for stopping by!

    2. Just wait til you live a month on 7 foods. It'll be deranged on steroids!!!

  5. Can you believe my library doesn't have that book????

  6. did you check the Christian section? :)

  7. Whoa... this 7 sounds serious!! Good luck and you are so brave to be taking this on. We will NOT discuss "what's for dinner" during our phone calls!!! xoxo, Mom